Voiceover Artists vs TTS

Voiceover Artists vs TTS

Automation today is creatively sliding into all our everyday liaisons, without us even realizing it occasionally! From a superficial coffee maker to something as progressive as Amazon’s Alexa, we are encircled by mind-blowing technology!

One such great spectacle has been remarked in the meadow of Speech Synthesis.

The tech world has come an extended way since 1975. These Text-to-Speech generator procedures were first formulated to benefit the visually disabled by delivering a computer-generated spoken voice that would "read" text to the user.

You might've been familiar with the iconic voice of Professor Stephen Hawking?! By providing a voice to one of the tremendous senses of the world, TTS demonstrated what it’s competent of! And technology has been formulating ever since.

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So much so that until some moment ago, the only route to voice our video scripts professionally was to reach out to a voice actor. And now, we have progressed TTS software as a conceivable resource.

Let’s see what a contemporary, refined TTS is qualified to deliver over and above a voice-over artist.

Multiple Languages

Most companies today either employ globally or desire to evolve multinationals. Unaffectedly, they anticipate publishing their video content in considerable languages to claim distinct native audiences.

But the procedure of discovering voice-over artists for all languages is tedious. The corporation has to make sure that they employ a voiceover artist whose voice suits the brand as generously as the province in the video is going to be marked.

Surely, voice-over artists are incredible in what they do, but it’s humanly inconceivable to be articulate in many languages and dialects at once!

Usually, the 3 critical components for any flawless voice-over are:

  • Reasonable accent/dialect
  • Viscosity pronunciation
  • A constant phase

This is where a remarkable TTS software can come to be convenient. A computer-generated voice unlike a human voice is consistent in its speech at all times.

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Nowadays, this software also comes with reinforcement for at least 20+ languages. So, It unaffectedly comes to be a one-stop explanation for all your voiceover requirements and you don’t have to go out glimpsing loads of voice artists from distinct ethnicities.

Shorter Production Time

The conventional procedure of recording human voiceovers is a prolonged one. It implicates:

  • Reaching out to agencies or personal voice actors to transmit voice samples.
  • Shortlisting and finalizing the most reasonable voice.
  • Preparing and scheduling the voice-over work.
  • Reviewing the outcome, and then requesting rework in case of any edits

If you ask us, the most monotonous phase is reaching out to the Voice artist over and over again for modifications in the voice outcome, which sometimes gets bothersome.

Today, Speech Synthesis and Text-to-Speech technology have progressed enough that anyone can satisfy and utilize it anytime without much annoyance. You don’t even have to maintain any profound technical aptitudes to operate your manner around this software. The TTS applications in demand today have such user-friendly interfaces that it’s a pleasure to work with them.

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They also permit manageable revisions and downloads. There’s no necessity to stride out or book another arrangement to get that prolonged voice-over work re-done. Everything can be done in-house.

Cost Effectiveness

Leasing a voice artist can cost you anywhere between $100 to $1000 or even more, based on your requirements, like the length of your script or the size of your project.

The objective of the voice-over also largely influences the voice actor’s payment. For example, a voice-over for a national broadcast would cost you much better than that for a local broadcast.

But, if you opt for TTS software to create and add voice-overs to your video, you wouldn’t have to fret about such compensation pricing. A lot of good applications out there have free monthly rehearsals. Yes! This is all the more a justification to try them out before actually devising your mind.

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Till some time back, a computer-generated voice used to display very monotonous, emotionless, and mundane. Today, technology has progressed enough to closely associate human voices because of refined impacts like voice, tone, and pitch modulation, priority on preferred words, breathing sounds, etc.


There have been occasions when it has become problematic to point out which voice is genuine and which is the output of a Text-to-Speech online engine. We do acknowledge the fact that even today there are some fortes that only a voice actor can provide better.

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