Listnr provides you with the human sounding voices for all your audio needs

High Quality, Human sounding voices

Listnr supports 30+ natural and human sounding voices in 7+ languages and 4(+) dialects for all voices.

Audio Analytics

Change the color and tone of the audio player to your own likings.

Publish to any Podcast hosting platform

Listnr also lets you Publish to any Podcast hosting platform like Transistor, Spotify, Google Podcasts and many more.

Automatic RSS Feed of your podcast

Everytime you upload new content, your RSS feed gets updated hence updating your podcast on all platforms you've hosted on.

Social Sharing

Listnr lets your share your podcast on Various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Email Subscribers

Your users get the ability to subscribe to your podcast from the audio player using email capture.

How it works


Step one

Paste blog text or any content that you want converted into our Speech Synthesis Engine and press Submit.


Step two

Our Speech Synthesis Engines will convert your text into High Quality Speech and make it ready for distribution.


Step three

Use the synthesized Speech as Voiceovers for your Videos or distribute your Blog post as a Podcast on Spotify Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and many more, all from Listnr's User Dashboard.

High Quality AI Voiceovers that will change your content forever.

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