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Solo Podcasters, Agencies and freelancers create better audio experiences using Listnr!

Choose from a library of 570+ voices in 75+ different languages

Listnr gives you the option to create voice-overs in your chosen script and style.

With over 570+ voices and 75+ different languages, we’ve got all your audio requirements covered.

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Distribute audio content using our embeddable audio player 

Listnr allows you to embed your audio anywhere using audio player widgets.

You can embed your audio into your website and expose your content to new audiences.

Export your audio files - both WAV or MP3 in a click

Listnr helps you create and export your high-quality AI audio in less than a minute.

All you have to do is enter text, click on convert, and you’re all set to download your audio files.

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"There was a lot of buzz around Listnr, so I decided to take the test. Tons of voice with professional quality, and the limits are good. Nice player as well, with a fashionable design"



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Step 1

Paste text, any written content or paste your blog URL into our Text to Speech converter and press Submit.


Step 2

Our Speech Synthesis Engines will convert your Text to Audio and make it ready for distribution.


Step 3

Use the synthesized Speech as voiceovers for your videos or embed our Audio Player on your blog


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